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Presenting, WindowSkins® Because Keeping Warm Shouldn’t Cost The Earth…

What are WindowSkins®

WindowSkins® are a frameless, lightweight, crystal clear membrane designed to fit perfectly over your existing windows.



WindowSkins® works by forming an airtight seal against your window frame, thereby trapping an insulating layer of air between the glass and itself, in a manner similar to double glazing. WindowSkins® airtight seal will also reduce cold draughts through your home.

Keeps you warm

Much like double glazing, WindowSkins® acts as an insulator, reducing your household energy bills, whilst keeping your home much warmer. Unlike double glazing, WindowSkins® are far, far cheaper!


WindowSkins® are attached to your window frames magnetically – which means that they can easily be removed in warmer weather. Seasonal Secondary Glazing if you will!

Minimal Design Concept

Designed with your home in mind, WindowSkins® are minimised and coloured to perfectly blend into the background, appearing near invisible to the casual observer whilst retaining the beauty of your original windows – even when removed


Designed for the safety of you and your family, WindowSkins®resists slippage, as well as the occasional tug from a curious child. The PET panels used are 100x stronger than glass, are non-toxic and Grade 1 Fire Resistant. No tools are required to remove WindowSkins®


Our made-to-measure and thoughtfully crafted WindowSkins®will allow you to continue to ventilate your home, whilst at the same time reducing or eliminating condensation, mould and mildew WindowSkins® will reduce outside noise aiding a restful nights sleep

Hassle Free

Our fully trained Staff are here to make the installation of your WindowSkins® as simple and unobtrusive as possible. With evening and weekend appointments, we can work around your busy lifestyle. Installation of WindowSkins® is a Dirt, Dust, and Construction free zone! Our comprehensive Warrantee, Storage and Maintenance schedules ensures your WindowSkins® will give you years of convenient winter use.

Cost Effective

At around 15% of the cost when compared to double glazing, it is possible to stay warm whilst keeping your pocket cool. A truly affordable alternative. By reducing your annual heating bills by up to 25%, WindowSkins® will pay for itself within three to five years of purchase and will continue to provide years of further cost savings.

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“WindowSkins is one of the simplest and most economic secondary double-glazing systems on the market. It is the elegant simplicity of the frameless design that makes it so well suited to use in listed buildings.”

Peter Bell, LPOC Conservation Advisor

What Our Customers Say

Actually I feel like I can’t praise them enough – they are great! And I’m so amazed by how inconspicuous they are; you really can’t see them once they’re on at all. The price is extremely reasonable too – we had a quote for secondary glazing that was three times the cost.”

D. Litterick, Hampstead, NW3

We are delighted with the performance of our WindowSkins. The whole house is so much warmer and free from draughts, there is no condensation on the windows and we are using less electricity and gas. Also, the noise from the main road has reduced appreciably.

Mr & Mrs Scannell, Brentwood, CM15

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